A group of 7 Yawanawá traveled to 5 cities across the US to share the beauty and joy of their culture, in order to save it. In September & October 2016, we visited Miami Florida, Austin Texas, New York City, Marlboro College in Vermont, and Ojai California near Los Angels. 

Our celebration reached over 2,300 people, nearly 900 of which were children, who received this incredible experience gratis, through the generous support of our donors. 

We raised over $44,000 to build and operate the Traditional Knowledge School, where Yawanawá children will reconnect with their ancestral language, and carry on the legends, values, culture, and spiritual wisdom of their people, which has been passed down orally for millennia.

We painted faces.

We danced.

We sang.

We prayed.

We realized we are all one.


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