100% of the sales go towards establishing the Traditional Knowledge School


Journey to Mutum - Live from the Jungle

10 songs recorded live, in the Amazon Jungle.

Listen to the Yawanawá  during the annual Mariri celebration, July 2016.

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Recorded live: Songs of ceremony and celebration.

The Yawanawá tribe perform in the Amazon Jungle of Brazil during the annual Mariri Festival in the Village of Mutum. 


The album was recorded with professional broadcast quality equipment with the latest stereo X-Y technology to capture an immersive stereo sound environment. 

Many of these songs are over 1000 years old, recorded in July 2016 during the sacred ceremonies of the Yawanawá . Professionally mixed and mastered, this recording offers a rare journey into the heart of the Amazon. 

100% of the sales will go towards establishing the Traditional Knowledge School (TKS) in the Mutum Village of Acre, Brazil for Yawanawá children ages 7-14. The TKS will provide food, lodging, and school supplies to children learning their native Yawanawá language, traditional legends, ancestral spiritual practices and sacred plant knowledge, as passed down orally from generation to generation.

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Listen to Track #6 "Shuvini"